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Sano Consulting Engineers since 1339 under the name "Sano Technical Office" and since 1964 as "Sano Consultant Engineers" registered on 12284 on February 7, 2013 in the following areas:

Sano Consulting Engineers from the Country Management and Planning Organization are the base of a construction specialty with thirty-six authorized works, the base of one and two geotechnical specialties with eleven authorized works, the base of two road construction specialties with five authorized works, and the first phase of the lake passage Orumieh has competed in the management of the plan.

  • Design and supervision of industrial, commercial, educational, sports and residential projects.
  • Design and supervision of technical buildings of roads, railways, urban bridges, water supply and urban facilities.
  • Technical aesthetics and design and supervision of the implementation of the improvement of existing buildings and structures.
  • Geotechnical studies, P-engineering, local surveys for materials for mines,
    Establishment of workshops for the control of concrete materials, earthworks and asphalt.
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Our preference is to recognize our performance and performance.