structural design

SANO Consulting Engineers Company has over 55 years experience in designing various types of buildings and structures such as cement factories, steel factories, bridges, high-rise buildings, etc. ... It is able to advise you on the design, monitoring and implementation advice. We, in Sano, with a highly experienced and experienced staff and with innovative design techniques, are able to diagnose and resolve any problems with the design and supervision of the project before the projects are executed by 3D modeling. Elimination of any interference of the elements with non-instrumental elements (such as ducts, filters, fans, etc.).

Instrument Analysis and Design:

Using all of the SAP, SAP, ETABS, and SAFE software, all components are modeled and then designed.

3D modeling:

In Sano, we used modeling of the latest Tekla Structures to model the entire project, modeling all instruments and non-devices, so that in the end, the entire site is modeled in 3D, which can be It is also used for other consultants such as power utility, mechanics, etc ...